About Taxi Cab

About Taxi Cab - About Taxi Cab

Taxi Cab is a site dedicated to keeping our readers informed on the best in airport shuttle services and options. Initially founded by Holly Patel in 2014 we have handled many of the difficulties related to the airport service industry.

When people realized they needed better knowledge to choose the best shuttle service for their needs, we began to grow substantively.

Holly Patel is exceptionally qualified to be the standard-bearer for Taxi Cab. With a career as a lobbyist working on both sides of numerous airport rules, regulations and negotiations she has unique insight. Here at Taxi Cab we expand on her vision and share it with our readers.

Our Focus

Year in and year out, our vision is to share our knowledge and keep our readers up to date on the best choices in the airport shuttle service experience.

We realize more than ever how important safe travel is. Our challenge has always been to give you the best knowledge to make the best decisions and this exceptional year is no exception.

From overviews to reviews and the gamut in between, we stay on focus to offer you the best in airport shuttle service insights.


Our staff regularly work with accredited field reporters of some accomplishment to stay on top of the competitively driven world of airport transportation services.  However, there is also room for you, our reader, to make a difference.

In today’s’ extremely cautious atmosphere your input on even a single experience could be life-changing for someone.

Our growing number of reader-reviewers give detailed reports on their personal experiences. Holly Patel started Taxi Cab with you in mind, and the service we offer only gets better with reader participation.

Especially now, readers can make a difference and impact someone’s life with their story. Be part of something special and join Taxi Cab today.